Kemsing Church Hall

I’ve felt compelled to produce a plan for Kemsing’s Church Hall. I believe that in all the plans and schemes that have been proposed, some of the actual detailed requirements of a new hall have been overlooked. Yes, the hall is now of more sensible size, but there are aspects which can and should be improved. The applicant is still pursuing car parking plans when they could have devoted time to getting the building’s layout perfected.

This drawing (immediately below) shows my suggestion for Kemsing Church Hall, giving vastly improved facilities throughout:

• Main entrance to the front, closer to village car park.
• Large lobby for waiting parents, storage of prams, display wall etc.
• Generous circulation area with space for seating and displays of notices and artwork.
• Much better size and shape of meeting room, more secluded, and away from direct sun.
• L-shaped office offers a flexible layout for working in a variety of ways, with views to both front and church.
• Kitchen adjoins both main hall and meeting room with serving hatches to each.
• Activities cloakroom and wc to main hall gives users (especially involving young children) a self-contained area allowing the main hall to be fully secured.
• An 11% increase in footprint solely in the form of transepts (that project to sides no more than the applicant’s planned porch and pergolas) transforms the building.

Olley’s plan for an improved Church Hall for Kemsing village

Olley’s plan for an improved Church Hall for Kemsing village


The applicant’s existing proposed plan (below) suffers from:

• First thing that greets visitors entering this brand new building for Kemsing is a toilet door!
• Very little space at entrance or indeed throughout for storage or movement of prams, buggies, wheelchairs.
• Tight dog-legged passages at porch and hallway with no space for seating.
• No real lobby or shelter for waiting parents without blocking circulation.
• Users do not have a line of sight to the entrance – security.
• Meeting room has floor-to ceiling (9 metres high) windows facing south – this room will be far too hot.
• Difficult to secure building when groups of children are using hall because of access required to toilets etc.


The applicant’s current plan for Kemsing’s new Church Hall is lacking in a number of key areas.


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